To boost male fertility naturally


Designed to boost male fertility naturally

Research shows that too much heat can reduce a man’s sperm count and testosterone production. Male Obesity Linked to Low Testosterone Levels. According to science, the optimal temperature down under is between 31-36 °C. Sadly, most men’s underwear doesn’t even get close.

Underwear That Keeps You Cool

Mr Right underwear applies what scientists call “the chimney effect” through the creases of a man’s groin—and through the crease between his buttocks—to reduce heat and friction. Mr Right men’s underwear—worn correctly*—can reduce scrotal temperature naturally.

Less chafing, less heat, less chance of infection. More freedom.

Just think: Underwear that puts your health and comfort first.

Experience more of what makes you a man. Try Mr Right underwear today.

*Tight pants reduce its effectiveness.

Mr Right ,right in !

Lady, remind him your everyday!Best gift just for him!

Gentleman, feel the difference!

Main parts are comfortable stretch cotton, using mesh strips to improve ventilation.

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